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May 2, 2022

Checking in.  How are you?  Are you doing ok?  Are your friends and family well?  What a journey we've been on, as Earth beings, since early 2020.  There's been a lot of loss.  There's been a lot of love.  There's been a lot of self-reflection.  There's been a lot of...well...a lot.  

In late 2020, rather out of the blue, I decided to start recording a new solo album--a return to my pop/rock roots.  I assembled 9-10 songs and booked some time at David Roof's Rooftop Recording in Grand Blanc, MI.  I sensed that Dave would be the perfect person for this project.   During the first session in December 2020,  recording live sans click, Dave (on bass), drummer Donn Deniston, and I recorded the bed tracks for half the album.  Soon thereafter my mother passed away, so there was a pause in recording.  A couple of months later, Dave, Donn, and I met again to complete the remainder of the bed tracks and then  we met one more time as a trio to record a retro instrumental I wrote as the intro to one of the songs.  We now had 11 tracks.   After that, we began the embellishments which included scoring and recording a lovely string quartet for a song.  

I could wax poetic about the joy that was the making of this album but I think it would be better for you to just hear it.  

If you'd like to buy a physical copy, you can email me via this website or at and I can get that transaction done for you (Venmo @Bobby-Pennock; PayPal It's also available via Amazon, Apple Music, and all other nifty streaming services.  

If you order directly from me, for $20 I'll send you the new CD plus a bonus EP that I made for those who preordered the album. It's called "6 Live."  I'm sneaky.  There are actually seven tracks.     For $15 I'll send just the new album. 

On May 14 there's going to be a BIG FLUFFY album release concert at Willis Sound in Willis, MI.  Doors are at 7 PM and the show will go from 8-10 PM.  There will be an opening set by the BP 23Man Band and then the BIG FLUFFY band will come out and play the new album from top to bottom or start to finished or end to end or in its entirety.  

Release concert:

May 14, 2022

Willis Sound (8906 Meridian St, Willis, MI 48191)

$15 cash or Venmo @ the door

Doors 7 PM

Show time 8 PM

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