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January 15, 2024

Belated Happy New Year!  Yee haw.  Woo hoo.  Plop plop, fizz fizz...and all that.  Well, I hope it was a happy transition to the new calendar year.  Here's to a great 2024. 


When I last updated this site, I wrote about two singles I planned to record and release in 2023.  Didn't happen.  It actually should have been three singles because Dan Hazlett and I recorded a song we wrote together.  That recording will see the light of day before the other two.  Soon in fact.  I've actually sketched out three more recording projects, fool that I am.  Who has seeds to the money tree?    


The future: (Backstory first--I know, I'm weird) Since the pandemic, and once things got to be kind of normal again, I cut back on my live performances.  Part of that is because I realized that I had over-extended myself musically over the last few years...and it was taking its toll.  The gigs were great, I recorded and released a new album (my best IMO), but my writing has suffered.  As in, I'm not writing much.  And, for me, my songwriting is everything.  Well, maybe not everything, but close to everything.  I need time and space to write.  Last year was supposed to be the time and space year.  Oh, bother.  I'm still on the backstory for those keeping score. 


So here, finally, is the future part.  I don't plan to accept or book as many gigs this year.  If they fall in my lap and are attractive, yep, I'll scoop them up.  But I want/need 2024 to be the year I find myself as a writer again.  I've been in the crosshairs as a folky kind of guy in the area, but this week I saw someone who called me her favorite Power Pop songwriter/musician in SE Michigan.  That's closer to the real me.  I need to sit in a room with a guitar for, I don't know, 3 months.  Things will get better after June 2025.  More on that future later.  See, I did get to the future.  Kinda sorta.            



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