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June 7, 2023

Stay tuned for news about two new singles I'll be recording and releasing this summer.  

May 2, 2023

Rest in peace Gordon Lightfoot.  Thank you for the gift of your songs and your presence here on Earth.  "The legend lives on..."

May 24, 2023

Well, what can I say: I am lousy about maintaining/updating my web-site.  I completely failed to add an item about the Big Fluffy Band show in March.  I apologize for that.  But it all seemed to work out well.  We sold out the venue!!!  I'm still in shock  about that.  In fact, we had people waiting in the lobby in case seats became available.   The Big Fluffy Band (David Roof, Dan Hall, John Sperendi, Terry Birkett, & Nick Brandon) brought their A games and knocked it out of the park!  Plus, the openers, The Gary Janes (aka Chris Degnore) were fabulous.  All in all it was a spectacular night of music and I am so appreciative to all who came to the show.  I'll be posting pics and videos from the show.  In fact, if you visit the Trinity House Theatre's YouTube channel, the show is there (thanks to Robert Smalley).  I would be remiss in not thanking Bill Keith and the entire THT staff for hosting the show and for taking good care of the band and audience.  The theater is one of the gems of SE MI.  

Currently, other than doing some gigs as a hired hand, I don't have any gigs on the books.  My goal is to concentrate on writing a batch of new songs for the band.  But, I'll gladly consider offers for shows.  Oh, wait, I am booked to play the Berea Music Festival in August.  Berea, Ohio is my hometown.  This must be about my tenth appearance at the Fest.  I'll post details as the date approaches.  

Later this Spring, I will be visiting Home Street Studio in lovely Waterford, MI to record a song that studio owner & singer/songwriter Dan Hazlett and I wrote together.  Stay tuned for more news about that.  

Back to maintaining this web-site and keeping it fresh and new.  I have recently enlisted the services of a wonderful person to help me with this.  

That's it for now.  I wish you all the best.  Spring is here.  It really is!  Bobby

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